Creating A Link: A Review Of Linkvana Membership

Linkvana has come into the limelight recently with many Internet marketers who believe that it has revitalised the way that they perform link building. Formerly, controversial websites which operate little-known blog farms have been doing more harm than good to businesses who are trying to boost their profile, as this type of activity has seen search engines ban and even penalise websites.

 With millions of websites like yours vying for attention, it can be hard to get the impressive page ranks. At Linkvana, the service allows users to build links that are positioned as related content on a variety of high-ranking blogs. These permanent links could result in impressive increases in traffic.

 It could be costly to run a subscription from a month to month basis with the ultimate fee just falling short of the $200 mark (just shy of $150 if you were an introductory member). The no obligation nature of the deal nevertheless means that you are under no contract to continue if it isn’t working for you for whatever reason. Some businesses have claimed that these fees could be deceiving as the money saved in the long run could be impressive.

 Linkvana links you from websites that rank highly in the likes of Google and Yahoo!. The blogs where your content is placed as related are all on a cycle to make sure that your links get exposure and all meet criteria like having a domain name that was registered in or around 2003 or have a high page rank.

 Using the service is perfect because of the graphical user interface which is a tool that can shave the hours that Internet marketers have to spend doing research and conducting SEO. Any issues that beginners face are also addressed by the service’s staff that helps to solve any issues that are being had with the service and endeavour to give tips on how to improve performance.

 As mentioned before, as Linkvana’s work is all permanent, it could be said that a fee every so often for maintaining the links and keeping them live can be charged. Interestingly, the website claims that this is not the case and that the costs of keeping links online are built into the monthly membership fee. Should a user unsubscribe, the links should remain.

 From a practical and a financial sense, it seems that Linkvana is doing rather well for those who are looking to improve how they perform SEO and the amount of exposure that they receive as a result of it. The website’s rivals appear to be wholly unsuccessful or out of the budget ranges of a lot of businesses and so it seems that the company has become a viable option for those who are trying to negotiate the difficult financial situation currently.

 Linkvana has become a very successful marketing tool for businesses of all descriptions and the monthly fee has become a way for businesses to cut costs and still have the chance of achieving the same or an improved outcome for their SEO needs.