How to start a Joint Venture

There are thousands if not millions of e-books online today.  You can get free information about almost any subject in the Universe.  What most folks would like to get their hands on is information on how to make money online. 

Everyone wants the easiest, fastest, way to make gobs of money now.  You’d be lying through your teeth if you said otherwise.  Most top online marketing Guru’s have this game pretty much sealed up. They have the best copywriters and graphic artists that can conjure up a really professional looking landing page.  Once done they pitch these landing pages to other like minded Guru’s.  Most will want a percentage of the take…sometimes up to 75% of the sale.  And of course…their product gratis.

Joint Ventures are becoming the fastest way to grow your online business, expand your marketplace and reach more customers.

I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with this type of marketing.  As a matter of fact it works

extremely well.  It is basically a proposal between you and another like minded party. It is also called cross promoting. If you are not doing this…now is the time to start. 

So how does someone actually go about getting a joint venture especially a joint proposal from the big IM guru’s.

Here are some basic steps to get the top Internet Marketing Guru’s pitching your e-book, video, Website or blog.

Do you have an idea that no one else has done?  What do you have that it really interesting different or can make these guru’s jump on your deal?  It should not be a re-done e-book or some program that everyone already has.  Your idea has too be over the top and professionally done both from graphics to top notch copywriting.

Never use a template to write your proposal, get it straight from your own personal experiences. Remember your proposal is not your idea, e-book or website.  It is what you are going to propose to your intended partner.

The more personal your proposal is the better chances they will say yes.  Most of these JV Guru’s want to increase their email list.  If your proposal seems mechanical or impersonal the chances of a JV are very small. 

Your proposal should convey a professional JV deal, and it has to be based on your current level of understanding, and it has to represent your offer as effectively benefitting both parties.