Keeping a Landscape Log

Before adding your website to different indexes and directories, it is recommended that you conduct a thorough research of each one. Exploring these indexes and directories will help you gather enough information in order to make a final decision. It is a great idea to keep track of what you discover.

Throughout your online research, you may come across certain directories related to your area of business, newsgroups, mailing list discussions, and sites created by competitors – all in which may better help you promote your website.

Conducting research and keeping track is properly defined as Internet landscaping – you are creating a Landscape Log. In effect, you’re mapping the Internet landscape. You need to collect information that can be very useful after your research. You may find some directories or indexes that you hope to register with or discover some email newsletters you want to work with when you have time.

A landscape log does not have to be complicated. You can create one either in Microsoft Word or Excel. If you prefer to be very organized, you can use an ACT or Access database.

According to Search Engine Optimization for Dummies: 3rd Edition, the following information should be collected during a thorough research:

Site name
Company name
Alexa traffic rank
Contact name
Contact e-mail address
Notes: write a quick description of your impressions of the site and the help it may provide you.
Actions: keeptrack of your contacts with the site (to ask for a link, for example).

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