Making $100,000 a Year Online is a Fun Challenge. Can You Make It?

Most people who are interested in making money online have no idea how it works. They spend money on ebooks, websites, advertising and even personal coaching, but never make a dime. I’ve seen all the horror stories, all the good stories and everything in between…

Now to making a $100,000 a year on the internet is a challenge for sure, but it can be done without any previous marketing experience or computer experience.

If you know how to browse the internet and write text… You do not even need to be a native English speaker or even pass English class back in high school. All you need is motivation, dedication and be willing to sacrifice your time. You do not even need a lot of money to get started.

The truth is that I’ve seen countless people start with less than $200 and start making $10,000 a month within their first year without spending all that much time or effort on their sites.

The secret is not having time… But it’s having knowledge about what makes money online. This is the most important aspect of making money online.

If you have tried making money from an ebook or followed other tips about making money you know that it’s usually a bunch of theory and fluff.

Theory and fluff doesn’t make money. Real statistics and proven methods that has worked in over 1,500 markets is.

There is a simple system for making money online that has never yet failed and it’s known to a few people who are quietly making all their money while everyone else is slaving around at their 9-5 job.

They are the people with the inside knowledge and motivation, dedication and will to succeed. You have to be larger than life and grab the bull by the horns to succeed.

There is a phase as well… This phase is where you’ll go through a lot of problems and confusion. You might even stop believing it’s possible to make money online, but before you do, imagine how many are making it already… and they are normal people.

Now here is a way for you to get started immediately, so you can start making some initial money online. This is NOT a secret, but something that has proven to work and will keep working for as long as the internet is around.

Here’s the tip:

Find a market that is hot and likes to spend money.

Examples of this can be dating, weight loss, golf, making money, forex, investing, insurance etc.

Now in this market you will need to create a simple 2 page website…

When you have done that, all that is left is to drive as much traffic as possible to that website…

It can be done using hundreds of different methods, but most of them are not known to the average joe and that’s why you usually need assistance from someone who has been there and done that.

Source by Christopher Stigson