Set Up A Proxy Server – Two Things You Must Know To Setup A Proxy Server

If you want to set up a proxy server, there are two things you must know before you should even consider doing such a thing.  The first is that the kind of proxy server you set up will affect the level of anonymity you get.  The second thing is knowing how to set up your proxy server so it doesn’t cost you the earth.

Many people want to set up a proxy in order to change their IP online and hide their true identity.  The sad thing is, that many proxies out there don’t actually provide any anonymity at all.  Some provide anonymity but the proxy server can actually be detected as a proxy, making using them almost pointless.  Why would you want to let anyone know that you are using a proxy server?  Before you setup your proxy, make sure that the software you get allows 100% anonymity and the proxy server can cloak and hide itself from anyone who attempts to identity it as a proxy.

Setting up a proxy server doesn’t have to cost you the earth, but sadly for some people it does.  Due to a lack of research, they end up picking the most expensive and unnecessary hardware configuration to setup their proxy server on.  Getting your own proxy server can be done for less than $10 per month.  This kind of hosting allows you to setup a proxy that is 100% anonymous and in no way reveals itself as a proxy server.  An extremely powerful proxy server for almost nothing.

Be sure that you know how to set up a proxy server that offers both 100% anonymity to anyone who uses it and also that you pick the right hosting that allows you to setup a proxy server for almost nothing.

Source by Creztor Tessel